Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beyond Enchanted

I don't mean to bash or anything. But I think the Enchanted River is the most overrated and over-hyped summer destination this year. And the crowd really kills part of the whole enchanted-ness thing. I do understand why people can't help but flock to the place though. It's quite photogenic and social media did its magic.

I did the hyping thing last year too, wrote all about it in this post. And hurrah, not, we went back again this summer...but even the hinatuan crabs that I love so much were in short supply.  

But like I said, I'm not here to bash. Because actually there's a little bit of something more beyond the enchanted river that is actually worth checking out.

About the time I took this photo, there's a already a huge number of people along the shores of the famous river, yet you can hardly see anyone on this path... It's like the sad road that's less traveled by. 

And we all know that less traveled by roads have a reputation having something pleasant at the end. 

For this road, it's here:

And eventually here:

Yey, boats! And one of these boats can take you to ...

the classic blue ocean.

Ok, I know I talked a little about this boat-hopping experience the last time, and I thought it wouldn't be as exciting the second time around. But this one came as a pleasant surprise.

And mainly, because of Pangasinan Island, also called Bagasin Island.

Isn't that a beauty? 

Well actually the whole point of writing this post is to make special mention of this place. When we were here, we were able to talk a little with the residences of the island and they expressed that they felt a little resentful because they don't get enough promotion. Specifically, the people at the enchanted river doesn't endorse them, so they get really few visitors.

And it's sad because this is really a beautiful place, and even the food and accommodation is cheaper, and people know nothing about it except when they actually go island-hopping.

Last year, when we went island-hopping, we didn't even stop at this place because our thought was it's just another "generic beach".

Wished we didn't though. Because we missed these:

father's foot prints.
But other than these, can you notice how foot-print free the beach is?

obligatory picture of me. I gained weight. Have you noticed?

Soil erosion exposing the coconut roots.

Our boat waiting for us.

Docking area. Too bad we had to leave early.

Next stop, the fish cage. We also visited that last year, but this time, we decided to swim with the fishes.

Kinda scary at first considering these fishes are HUGE.

But they know their place and don't bite humans.

You probably can't tell, but the water's really deep.

Oh, look! A baby shark.

And they swim quite near you.

And this is when I finally got to swim, because as always, the photographer gets to plunge into the water last.

By lunchtime, we were heading back to the mainland again.

Lovely estuary don't you think?

Back to mossy dry land!


Thanks for reading!


  1. Pangasinan Island looks like a paradise. I suppose if they want more visitors to come there, they will have to be proactive and advertise themselves.

    1. Yeah, but i don't think they have the resources for that yet. :(

  2. Wowowowow. The place is totally awesome. If only I can swim as good as you :'(
    This is indeed a must try spot. ♥

  3. That's a very nice place... You really did gain weight, I hope i will too XD. I miss your posts..

  4. whoot whoot...these took me to other world i love to swim in this water
    new post here

  5. You didn't gain weight! You look as gorgeous as ever! :P And Lordy, don't I know crowds are annoying! We can't seem to go on a decent vacation without some Russians shouting and throwing up drunkenly on the streets :D

    1. I actually don't mind crowds if the place is supposed to be crowded.. like a concert maybe. Coz I think the crowd is part of the attraction.

  6. Wowwwww!!! I'm so jealous dear!!!! woah, that's a real paradise you visited! I haven't been in that island but that's a real beauty. Looks like you had a real good time. I miss the beach <3

    love lots,

  7. it's not to see you blogging again ile.:) with this post, missing surigao.been there twice and not thinking of going back the third time around if given the chance.:)

    1. hahahaha! Jen we should really travel together whenever you're in the Philippines!

  8. Enchanted River! I remember when we got there, napasigaw ako sa ganda! na OVERwhelmed lang! HAHA! and yay! you're back on blogging! :)

  9. Ang gandaaa. Your pics make me want to go there.

  10. Whoa, I feel like I could just jump into these pictures, they are so beautiful and peaceful and bright and sunny. I have to admit, though, the baby shark kinda makes me nervous (if they're like bears, wouldn't the mama bear be around somewhere nearby...or in this case, the mama shark?). I once caught a baby shark while fishing- I let him go, of course...I would've felt bad. I freaked out though....soon after catching him and letting him go, I saw what appeared to be 2 shark fins swimming nearby the canoe I was in...I inwardly panicked. It turned out to be a manta ray. Phew, that creature gave me a big scare! I thought it was the mama shark hunting me down for catching her son/or daughter, haha


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